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She was one of nine who were born from a Swedish spring trip. We called them little Swedes. I fell in love with the country and the Bernese dogs I met there. Bagheera was the one who was meant to stay, and she stayed. Bagheera was born with strength, confidence, self-esteem and temperament. She had her own mind. She did not let herself to be constrained. She was born to live her life and let us, people, accompany her for a fleeting moment. She never bowed her head and in every situation, she had own opinion. But her brown eyes always sparkled with smile. The Bohemian, we called her. She came from a large country and most of all she loved spacious plains. She loved movement. And it was hard to tear eyes away from her when she felt free. In her time she was invincible, she also grew to be a queen. In many respects, she excelled over her mom, Charlie, but unlike her, Bagheera always played for herself. She knew she was the best. And she loved that feeling.

At full strength a disease came at the end of 2013. Septic pneumonia. Three months we fought, believed. Even at that time she never lost her spirit and smile. When my tears were falling, she still wagged her tail. For a brief moment she felt better and then came a relapse. And we lost.

Bagheera left. Bagheera, who was the alpha female and led the others, the way domesticated dogs need at present. Everything remained silent, the emptiness too intense. Cayenne, Marlie and little Grace learn to live without the first ones, if it were not for them, they would not be here. As if Marlie felt it, she ceased to bow her head before the others and began to grow. Perhaps she will grow up. Perhaps she will develop her mom’s light-minded, self-confident temperament. I wish that very much.

And when we go through the fields, meadows, where Bagheera used to run with her feet almost not touching the grass, her tail flapping in the wind and steering the sky, where she rejoiced her own strength and freedom, I know that the moments of peace are elusive and that grief, although time dulls it, remains forever. Breeding of dogs is not in the winnings, the shiny gloss of cups, it is in the strength to persevere and pursue in "your direction", even though you know that one day you will lose each one of them.

Jch., Ch., GrCh., C.I.B Bagheera Bermondo Bohemia 18. 6. 2007 - 21. 1. 2014 (Septic pneumonia)


 IntCh. Blackie Santy Bazaltin - CHARLIE ........ The first

Her name was Blackie Santy Bazaltin but none of us ever called her anything other than Charlie.
In 2001 just before Christmas I brought home a little three-coloured baby bear. Over the years she grew from a little hairy ball into an optimistic ever-laughing supportive partner and smart model. She was a beautiful dog. She had a great soul who knew nothing but smiles. She lived only for us - humans.
She was a fighter - both at the exhibitions and outside them. She met great acclaim, fulfilled big dreams as well as small wishes. She did this because she wanted to. However, her worst battle was yet to come in the fall of 2008. Lung cancer. Despite being a veterinarian I believed that she, with her warrior´s heart, could make it but the disease could not be defeated. She fought for every day, every single day that she could give me. Perhaps she wanted me to get used to the idea that there would be no smiling brown eyes anymore, no waving white tip of her tail, that she would never again come running to welcome me and that - as we promised to each other - we would not go through all age categories together.
No, Charlie, we won´t make it. I know. We were given too little time to spend together. Nevertheless, the years we had were full of life. I can´t get used to you not being here but I believe that you don´t suffer anymore. Even though I can´t see you up there I believe you are chasing the other dogs. And I also believe we will meet once again.
Annie and Bagheera stayed here with us and one day maybe your daughters, granddaughters or great-granddaughters will put a little new Charlie into my palms.
Thank you, Charlie. That´s all.

Charlie 28. 10. 2001 - 9. 10. 2008




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